MyChessGuru 'Top 10'

In celebration of MyChessGuru's 5th anniversary, we are introducing monthly contest of 'Top 10' starting in March 2014. Ranking is based on USCF rating improvement during the month. We use ‘MCG Index' to measure improvement.

Following are the awards for students who stand on the top of the MyChessGuru monthly 'Top 10':

  • No 1 in 'Top 10' receives an award of $25 credit
  • No 2 in 'Top 10' receives an award of $15 credit
  • No 3 in 'Top 10' receives an award of $10 credit
  • No 4 to 10 in 'Top 10' receives an award of $5 credit
  • Best of all, we award Microsoft Surface, if a student stands at No 1 in 'Top 10' for two consecutive months (twice in a row).

All MyChessGuru active students are invited to submit information to enroll in 'Top 10' monthly contest.

Enroll once. Results announced after 2nd of every month.


Calculation for MyChessGuru index
  • USCF official ratings are published on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and become official on the 1st day of the next month.
  • USCF highest regular rating is used in MCG Index calculation

Eligibility rules for entering monthly contest of 'Top 10':

  • Student must attend a minimum of 4 hours of coaching during 30 days period before the provisional results
    are announced.
  • Student's USCF official rating for the month must be 500 or more